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Your Comfort Is Our Priority!

High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Systems

A new high efficiency system not only brings comfort to your home or office space more rapidly, it often lowers your electric bill by up to one third; potentially saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year! Our company is contracted with the our Nation's best, and most reliable High-efficiency HVAC manufacturer's to ensure the very best for all of your home comfort needs. 

Wireless Thermostats & Innovative Technologies

Here at Central Sun Heating & Air, LLC, we go above and beyond to ensure your access to the newest and most innovative home technology equipment. As your personal comfort specialists, with families of our own, we fully understand just how busy life can be. You're here. You're there. You're in. You're out. Between work, school, kids, sporting events and practices: No two days are the same, not at least in our busy homes or offices. Seeing how we strive for efficiency in all of our products and our lives, we offer many innovative technologies from easily programmable wireless thermostats that can be adjusted from anywhere in the world (through your phone, tablet, laptop, or office computer), to full home security systems with remote door locks, video surveillance and motion sensors, even remote controlled lighting. Your personal Comfort Specialist and Certified Technician will install and thoroughly explain all of your newly installed features and their functions, as well as, all of the how-tos, down to the most basic of questions, before ever leaving your home.   

Home Indoor Air Quality Solutions:

In today's society, the majority of people spend 90% of their time indoors. Believe it or not, the air you breathe inside of your home or office has a high chance of actually being more polluted than the air you breathe outside: 2 to 5 times more polluted, in fact. These in-home pollutants come from household activities, products and materials that we use everyday and some that are built into your home. Things such as, household cleaning chemicals, radon emissions, dust, animal dander, carpets, fireplaces or wood stoves, cook tops and ovens, car engines in the garage, paint fumes, and tobacco smoke, just to name a few. Many respiratory issues, some forms of cancer, and other illnesses have been been directly linked to specific indoor contaminants. Seeing how the average person spends so much time inside, it is highly important to keep the air we breathe clean through proper circulation and filtration!  


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